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According to the Global Slavery Index 2014, India and Pakistan alone account for over 45% of total global enslaved population and have highest prevalence of modern slavery in Asia. It estimates that over 23.5 million people in Asia are living in modern slavery. This is equivalent to almost two-thirds of the global total number of people enslaved. Of these, over 14.2 million are in India and over 2.05 million are in Pakistan, which demonstrate the highest prevalence of modern slavery in Asia (1.141% and 1.13% of their populations respectively).

To combat this huge task, we need help of individuals like you and the society at large. You can help us in the following ways -

  • Independent witnesses at the time of rescue operations
  • Volunteer your time and talent
  • Donations

If you are interested in joining hands with us, send us your details and tell us how you would like to contribute. 

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