Where We Work

What We Do

Since its inception in 2010 TLF previously known as “Operation Rahab” has worked on a three tier model of rescue, prosecute and rehabilitate. We have a small team of socially and emotionally conscientious social workers, lawyers, anthropologists and journalists who are experienced and dedicated in conducting raids and rescue operations. We work closely with State Police Forces and local government bodies as they play a key role in ensuring successful rehabilitation of the victims of human trafficking.

TLF had its humble beginnings with just one rescue operation of a minor victim in 2010 and from there it has been ups and downs and we have had to fight with various external factors influencing the work of the organization. It has been a challenging five-year period, one that has made us only more determined to fight the good fight for these helpless, voiceless victims of deception, fraud and lies.

We work along with the law enforcement agencies to create training modules and engage in capacity building exercises for various officers in jurisdictions where trafficking is rampant. Through this working relationship and further sensitization among police officials, our victim’s first interaction with the state is not full of hiccups. Strengthening the system well will only result in an increased faith in out victims’ path to rehabilitation.

We locate, verify and rescue young women and girls trafficked from various parts of this country and neighbouring countries who are physically/sexually abused and forced into prostitution by their traffickers and pimps with death threats to their families and them. We work with the local police agencies and judicial machinery towards successful prosecution of those involved in this crime.

We work towards the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery.


Who we are

We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who desire to be agents of change in the lives of the helpless victims of human trafficking. As responsible members of society we take it upon ourselves to use every possible resource to assist the government agencies in the timely rescue of the victims of human trafficking.